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Performance Endless Pool
Performance Endless Pool

Performance Endless Pool

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Open water training all year round.

An endless training pool gives you all the benefits of swimming in open water, with the convenience of a swimming pool.

When you’re training for a sportive, it’s not about the hours you put in, but about how effectively you train. Our endless pool at Swimotion enables you to build up muscle memory and maintain stroke rhythm as you concentrate solely on your technique.

There are no turns, no need to count laps and no fellow swimmers to avoid, giving you the unique opportunity to train at a constant pace. With no interruptions, you’ll be able to train for longer distances mentally, as well as physically.

Swim analysis helps you train at your own pace.

Our Endless pool training offers one-to-one swim coaching across all four strokes, with the chance to view your technique via video analysis.

The benefit of seeing your stroke in action will help identify and correct any flaws, to make your swimming more efficient. You’ll also have access to your trainer via a waterproof earpiece, so you can correct your stroke in real time and see instant results in the water.

Swimotion offers endless swimming coaching tips that are supported with personalised drills, to correct any technique issues quickly and effectively.

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